tie-dyed-optimism asked: You're really pretty!!!

thanks for making my week. xoxoxooxox

from today. I’m only smiling cause it’s Friday.



don’t fall in love
with me,
I’m not ready
for you yet


I can’t
count the
ways I’m
willing to
forget you

what is your most valuable possession?

#tell me  

you can’t know what
loss is, until there is
nothing left.

i wish i knew how to turn this rage into something beautiful. i only know how to turn to the bottle and i’m too familiar with the need to rupture my skin — if only bloodletting could cure anything.

ISIS should be infiltrated with the Ebola virus. Problem solved.

nothing chars
the soul like
the taste of

Title: R U Mine? Artist: Arctic Monkeys 39,863 plays



like a virgin.


one day i will have
henna on my hands and
you will wish it was
 for you

and there will be love
— scattered across the
linen sheets, he & i

my thighs will be bleeding 
under him
raging with lust 

his stubborn, dark hair
will feel like yours
in my hands

Anonymous asked: A request for a poem.

i am already pretty bad at writing. taking requests..would be disastrous!