i’m a fool 
at best, for thinking
you ache to touch
me too


of our future
like we have

one of those days

hanging on,
like it matters.

your heart
is a dialect 
i will never

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Anonymous asked: happy friday, dear!

thanks boo

Title: Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone Artist: Lykke Li 24 plays

I was significant;

you’ve turned me
into a broken

Anonymous asked: I hope you are well. I think about you often and send you well-wishes.

I wish I knew who you were, so I could think of you too. Sending you love.

I can’t compete
with the dead

or even the wicked

at least monsters

I’m drowning

why can’t
I find an anchor


i was born —
then i grew into
whatever i wasn’t 
supposed to be.

mama reminds 
i have no real
context without
a man.

none”, she says

not in this world

Anonymous asked: Your writing speaks to me. The raw emotion behind your words soothes my soul. Puts my heartbreak into words like I can't. Thank you for sharing your talent with us

it’s not fun walking around feeling like there is a giant gaping hole inside of your chest. but i’m glad you can relate to my writing. thank you for taking the time to send me this message. take care.